10 Reasons the National Exam Results Helpline Should Be a 03 Number

August can be a frightening month for a huge number of UK understudies who get the consequences of their An and AS-level tests. To offer understudies guidance on their following stages whenever they have their outcomes, the Department for Children,Schools and Families (DCSF) has set up a National Exam Results Helpline that is running until 29th August 2009: 0808 100 8000.By utilizing a freephone 0808 number (which is the very same as a 0800 number) the DCSF has empowered understudies and their families to call the Exam Results Helpline thoroughly liberated from a landline. In any case, call costs from a versatile will differ and this is of specific significance in light of the fact that by far most of understudies are probably going to depend on their cell phones.

This mirrors the most recent discoveries from Ofcom which viewed that as 44.5% of all UK calls are presently produced periyar university ba result 2022 using cell phones (Ofcom Communication Market Report 2009). For the DCSF to offer guests an extraordinary arrangement from a landline AND versatile, the National Exam Results Helpline ought to be a 03 number which are remembered for portable clients’ free minutes.The following are 10 justifications for why the National Exam Helpline ought to be a 03 Number: 03 numbers cost individuals the equivalent to call as customary landline (01/02 numbers) even from a cell phone. They are additionally remembered for the free minutes portions presented by both versatile and landline network suppliers. This is of specific significance for guests to the National Exam Helpline when most of the guests are understudies who will generally depend on their cell phones.

Like all non-geographic numbers, 03 numbers empower associations to tidy up the manner in which they manage calls with shrewd elements like presentation messages (“Thank you for calling the National Exam Helpline”) and choices menus (for example “Press 1 for data on the clearing system, press 2 for general requests” and so on.) There is a scope of 03 numbers – 030 numbers that are solely for public bodies and not-revenue driven associations to utilize. Guests can be lined, implying that exceptionally significant calls will be replied. This is especially applicable for the Exam Helpline which is publicized broadly and will unavoidably get countless calls.Associations can handpick an exceptionally vital number that their guests will review without any problem. Calls to 03 numbers can be effortlessly recorded for the purpose of preparing. 03 numbers just ‘sit’ on top of any landline or versatile number. No extra gear or equipment is required. 03 numbers can be cheap to run assuming that you search out the supplier with the most serious contribution available (for example 30,000 free inbound minutes out of each month and whenever they have been utilized 0.5 pence each moment for all calls got after that).

It’s feasible to see the geographic area of guests and the bustling times of the association utilizing on the web call insights bundles.03 numbers and their elements are completely controlled on the web. No extra equipment or hardware is required and settings can be changed whenever and from anyplace with a web association.The consistently expanding ubiquity of cell phones implies that the take-up of 03 numbers has developed fundamentally. Besides the fact that they give every one of the advantages of 08 numbers, however they offer all guests an extraordinary arrangement and there is a reach (030 numbers) that is solely for public bodies and not-for-benefit associations.Numerous public bodies are presently utilizing 0300 numbers, including the Department of Health, Companies House and the BBC and it appears to be that soon 03 is the telephone number of decision for all in the public area.