Do not approach dating and relationships

Time is money. It is essential to get things done quickly. There is not enough time. Right? This is what the consumer society teaches.

If you use these principles to find a partner to build an intimate relationship, you will most likely experience failure.trial separation checklist

If you don’t spend the time to understand the reasons you aren’t able to build a lasting intimate relationship, you won’t be able to “collect” more tips or go on more dates.

Example: Get married

Marry is unable to understand why, despite her desire for a relationship, and having been out with many men, she hasn’t been able to find a partner who will be a good fit. She wonders what is going on. She doesn’t understand how it could be that, despite her hopes, desires, and willingness to have an intimate partnership, she falls in love with people she doesn’t like or gets involved in endless conflicts and arguments, ending up often alone. She starts to question whether she can ever find and nurture an intimate relationship. Is this too much to ask?

Where does YOU rank relative to Marry?

You may wonder, just like Marry, what went wrong after another failed attempt. What went wrong? “; “How is it possible that you are once again with someone who isn’t right for your? “; “How did you get to be all alone again?”

It’s hard to believe that you are still not capable of finding the right partner for you. You have made many attempts, met new partners and fallen in love with them. Why is it so difficult to find a long-lasting, intimate relationship that you can be happy with?

It is natural and common human desire to have a satisfying, intimate relationship. However, if you don’t recognize the ways you sabotage your relationships, you won’t be able stop causing harm to them.

What do you need?

What are you supposed to do if your relationship is going well?

* Do not succumb to the pressure of society to get things done as soon as possible. Sometimes the fastest and most costly way may be the best.
* Do not use CNN’s speed reporting to speed-dating
* Do not eat McDonald’s drive-thru lunch for tips on relationships
* Do not compare how many dates you have with single friends in any given week.
* Do not think you have to go to bed with your date in a flash.

What SHOULD You Do Instead?

Please take the time to:

* Get to know yourself more by learning about yourself
• Recognize the factors that control your life and can drive you to undermine your relationships.
* Find out how to prevent these influences from getting to you, and how to use new methods to help you find and build a fulfilling intimate relationship.

What can you do to learn more about yourself?

* Get books about relationships.
* Attend workshops about the subject.
* Talk to a relationship therapist for short-term counseling.

It doesn’t matter what approach you choose – so long as you have a method to learn, understand, and change anything that needs changing, it’s worth the time.