Electric Vehicle Conversion – The Global Impact

While there are many Personal Lifestyle reasons for driving an Electric Vehicle, there are also some significant what I would call Global Survival reasons which can be considered when making the decision to build and drive your own electric vehicle. These Global survival reasons cut across political and environmental lines in the sand and can be highly emotive issues for some people. It is necessary to look at these issues with a clear head and decide how best to make your own contribution to minimizing our human impact on the planet.

Some of these Global Survival Issues which need consideration are:

1. Homeowners can decide to reduce or eliminate their need for a connection to the power utility by installing rooftop solar photovoltaic systems or even a wind generating capacity and then draw all their household energy requirements from there, including the charging of the electric vehicle for local transportation needs at least. There is a growing trend for homeowners to benefit from preferential rates and even payback schemes when supplying surplus power back to the power utility.

2. By reducing our dependence on fossil fuels many believe that we will be far less susceptible to the whims of oil rich countries and the political issues which arise as a result of this Entergy dependence. The beneficial effects of driving an electrical vehicle which is not dependent on fossil fuel for its energy inputs can only really have an effect when more widely accepted and utilized.

3. The major motor vehicle manufacturers have made great strides in placing electric and hybrid vehicles into the market place, however the big three have all been accused of purposefully sabotaging their electric vehicle campaigns through numerous methods, mainly involving a lack of marketing. The current economic situation and dramatically changing consumer attitudes to these issues may well cause them to rethink their approach to this market and trends which are driving them.

There are some major political and environmental issues facing us today. Many of these issues such as the ones mentioned briefly above cannot be influenced by each of us individually, however if we continue to support each other and continually seek to reduce our individual impact on the environment we can collectively have an impact on these issues. By deciding to build and drive your own electric vehicle you may not change the course of politics in the oil rich countries of the world, or have a great impact on the impact which humans have on the environment, but you will be doing your bit to reducing that impact.

By converting your vehicle to an electric powered vehicle you will impact the way mankind influences our planet and play your part in saving our planet for future generations, learn more about how to successfully complete this project at  for a great guide to electric vehicle conversions.