Guide on Hustlers University

Although Hustlers University resumed operations after a hiatus, it cut off its affiliate programme, thereby ending the livelihood of those who had promoted the school. However, it appears to be something far more fundamental than just getting ready for the 3.0 version of the course, as Tate maintains. Read the HU review on TBN below.

Just what is this “Hustlers University” all about?

Hustlers University was founded in 2021 after being inspired by another of Tate’s membership programmes, The War Room. He utilised people from that group by recruiting them to become teachers in his own.

To Whom Did It Aim to Be Useful?

While it’s true that most people can learn a basic business model on their own, whether or not that model can provide a sustainable income is another thing entirely.

Hustlers University 1.0 was an online course that ran a little differently from the current iterations.

The course not only made some basic mistakes in terms of business and finance, but it also put a lot of emphasis on marketing tactics that sidestepped the need to really affiliate the course.

Since a newer version of the course (version 2.0) and a “Upgrade” version of the course (version 3.0) are both currently accessible, the information presented in this class is mainly out of date.

Analyzing Hustlers University, Second Edition

In the first place, the audio in this course, taught by Tate, is of terrible quality.

Before you start looking for ways to make money online with his digital items and sales approaches, he starts by blasting theme music into a microphone he bought from Amazon for fifty dollars, leaving your hearing worthless.

Approximately 2.5 hours of Hustlers University 2.0 have nothing to do with business. The information presented here is identical to that presented in previous courses by Tai Lopez, OMG Machines, and everyone else, To unleash your inner beast, it’s a good idea to include some rubbish about how the system is stacked against you, how you need to retrain or retrain yourself, and how you must recite emotional mantras daily.

One should not waste time here if making money online is a serious goal

You don’t need a logo or a website; if you put in the time, you can probably make money right now from the knowledge or excitement you already have for anything, as Tate himself says in the promotional videos he made for the course.

This is why certain people on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are able to make tens of thousands of dollars per month by catering to a specific audience.