How Much Money Will Jeff Lerner Have Made in 2022?

Jeff Lerner’s wealth is a well-held secret. Although the exact amount of Jeff Lerner’s wealth is unknown, it is common knowledge that he is a multimillionaire.

The former jazz guitarist accomplished this by expanding his 14-person webinar into a global multimillion-dollar enterprise (source: EIN Press Wire).

With over 50,000 paying students, the business has seen revenues of up to $100 million in only the last two years. One can learn about his net worth at

Earlier Years

A native of the United States, Jeff Lerner entered the world in 1979 in the city of Houston, Texas. A musician at heart, Lerner has now gone on to become a successful businessman and influential figure. He is now the piano player and musical director for Better Being Bad, LLC.

In his twenties, Lerner started many businesses but had a rocky start. Later, in 2013, he founded the digital agency Xurli, which proved to be quite successful for him.

The next year, he sold Xurli and established Entre Institute in 2019. He quickly fell on hard times that put him $500,000. in the red.

After tremendous sales success, however, he was able to straighten up the debts.

The learner has been hosting a podcast titled “Unlock Your Potential” since April 2020. As of November 2021, he has amassed 74,300+ YouTube subscribers.

Jeff Lerner didn’t complete high school because he thought it would do nothing to help him in life other than make him a better employee.

His parents have faith in his abilities and purchased him his first piano because of it. Eight to ten hours of practice led to his success.

He was able to get a full ride at the University of Houston so that he could study piano and get a Bachelor of Fine Arts owing to a scholarship.

According to Lerner, he spent more than a decade in college and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jazz, Piano Performance, and Theory and Composition. Finance was a secondary area of focus for him throughout the school.

Lerner eventually became the institution’s first-chair pianist. He has also taken part in the Musical Theatre Lab at the Stuart Ostrow Foundation, a professional, non-profit workshop for new forms of musical theater.


At the tender age of 23, Lerner launched his business career on the World Wide Web. Within just three years, he was generating six figures from his ventures.

His interest in the industry had gotten the better of him, and he had decided to start an online business of his own but had no idea how to do it.

Jeff Lerner is a digital entrepreneur who has found great success and now spends his time sharing his knowledge and encouraging others to do the same.

After 10 years of building online firms that were together worth over $100 million and had two entries on the INC 5000, Lerner is now dedicated to inspiring and guiding other business owners.

Over the last year, he has educated over 150,000 students about entrepreneurship via the ENTRE Institute. With holdings in Texas, Utah, Georgia, and Ohio, he established 2:20 Investment Group, LLC. One must learn more about jeff lerner review article.