How to Create and Share Reels on Instagram

If you haven’t heard of Instagram yet, then you’ve come to the right place. Among its features, this social networking service focuses on photo and video sharing. Since its founding in 2010, it has grown into an enormously popular platform. In addition to its plethora of photos and videos, Instagram has recently added features like shopping and Instagram Stories. Everyone who creates an Instagram account has a news feed and a profile. From here, users can view the latest posts from friends and acquaintances, and check their followers’ profiles.


In order to access IGTV on Instagram, you must first sign in to your IG account and click the

‘IGTV’ button. You can also force-quit the Instagram app and sign back in to see the IGTV icon. To post a video from the IGTV tab, follow these steps. If you still cannot find the IGTV button, you can download the ‘Instagram external app’ from the App Store.


Reels are short videos that can range from three to fifteen seconds in length and can be uploaded directly from your mobile device’s camera roll. They can either be a single take or a series of takes stitched together. Since reels are only viewable on mobile devices, you can only upload them to your feed and Stories. In addition to appearing in your feed, reels also appear on the Explore page. Here’s how to create and share Reels on Instagram.


If you are on Instagram, you can leverage the search engine to your advantage by embedding keywords within your profile. This will increase your reach and help you reach people who may soon become your followers. The search bar is available on the Explore page. To use it, type in a phrase or keyword you are looking for and you will see the search results. If your search term is already in the database, you can use the hashtag to find even more content.

Profile tab

If you’ve ever wanted to make some changes to the appearance of your profile page or saved posts, the first place to go is the Profile tab. You’ll also find the settings menu under the threeline menu icon in the top right corner of the screen. From here, you can change your profile picture, turn on post notifications, and add new posts. Alternatively, you can click the “Plus” icon to upload a new photo.

Messages icon

To reply to messages from other Instagram users, tap the Messages icon on your main screen. It will open a new window where you can type a reply. To reply to a message, you can choose a text field, picture, GIF, or video. If you’re using the Instagram web version, you can also reply to messages from friends and family. In both ways, you can send and receive messages with different types of media.

Story highlights

Aside from showing off the latest products and services, Instagram Story Highlights can also be used to promote upcoming events and other aspects of a business. For example, an organic food company can use a Story Highlight to share videos and photos of its team participating in the 2019 Global #ClimateStrike. This type of highlight can also help a company communicate important information to customers and potential partners. Here are three ways to make the most of Instagram Story Highlights for your business.


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In the age of Web 3.0, getting your reply quickly is a must. Luckily, there are a number of ways to respond to DMs on Instagram quickly. Here are three examples. Use the brand voice. Don’t be afraid to use ‘Yikes!’ or other quirky sayings. These can be used in your Instagram DMs, too.

And while you’re at it, why not send an in-kind message?


In case you’re wondering whether or not you should protect your Instagram privacy, the answer is yes. While it’s true that Instagram has always had account privacy settings, they’ve been limited to the last three months. If you’re worried about the privacy of your information, you should know that third-party apps can make your content visible in search engines and to thirdparty companies. The good news is that Instagram’s policy only permits use of this data in the past three months.

Using instagram for business

When using Instagram to promote your business, the first step is deciding which metrics you should monitor. The first metric to measure is engagement, so choose posts that have high engagement levels. Posts that perform poorly can be quickly removed from your feed and replaced with more compelling posts. You should also schedule posts during peak engagement hours. SproutSocial is an excellent option for managing your social media efforts in one place.

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