Selecting the Best Portable Oxygen Concentrator If You Have COPD

It may initially appear like an impossible effort to manage COPD. Yet once you realize that having COPD is far preferable than not being able to live at all, you can start concentrating on improving the quality of your life despite having it. The good news about COPD is that it can now be effectively treated thanks to modern medical advances. They are not just efficient, but also remarkably portable. You may choose the best portable oxygen concentrator for you if you’ve decided to buy one to aid with your COPD by considering your size, battery life, customer service, and price requirements.


Your demand for portability will determine the ideal size of the portable oxygen machine you select. You need the tiniest concentrator you can find if you frequently fly across the US or even around the world. You’ll have the most portability if you pick the lowest size. But, if you spend the most of your time in the same basic locations or regions, a medium-sized machine can offer all the portability you require.

A battery’s life

A wall outlet can be used to power and operate almost all portable concentrators. Most portable oxygen concentrators can also be powered by batteries in addition to this power source. Consider the length of time you will be without access to a wall outlet when determining how much battery life you require. A battery life of two to four hours is ideal for the majority of individuals. You might fall into a smaller group of individuals who require a concentrator with a longer battery life, though.

Customer Service

The contemporary oxygen concentrators are far simpler to operate than the alternatives that were available even just 20 years ago. But it doesn’t imply you won’t ever have concerns about your device or its operation. You want to be sure that you will be able to get in touch with your machine’s customer support when you have a technical query, even though your doctor can answer all of your inquiries about your therapy in regards to your COPD. You should inquire about the duration of the support in addition to the level of quality you may expect.


Although it is by no means inexpensive, portable oxygen concentrator is an investment in the quality of your life. Despite this, the cost will still influence the gadget you select. This kind of gadget costs between $1,000 and $5,000, depending on what you can afford. While purchasing a concentrator, it is crucial to decide which characteristics are truly necessary to you if cost is your first goal. Knowing this information will enable you to choose a machine that just has the features you require and none more, therefore saving you money.