The Popular Remote Control Blinds

In today’s technologically-advanced environment, there is a remote for just about anything, including the lighting inside or outside of your home. They operate just like a remote for your TV or DVD player. What makes these remotes even more interesting is that they usually come in three different sizes.

There is a keychain size which allows remote rolling code you to turn on up to two lights or appliances from outside of your home. Then there is a credit card size remote that controls up to four appliances or lights from outside of your home. The palm pad controller allows you to operate up to 16 lights and appliances throughout your entire home. These various remote control lighting methods allow you to pull up to your home and turn some lights on before you even enter, which is a great safety feature.

Multi-Channel Remotes

More and more remote usage has been encouraged in the past but people still had to get up to adjust lighting until recently when lighting can be adjusted with a simple push of a button on a remote. First introduced were the remote light dimmers which are single channel remotes that only allow the controller to adjust the light that it is connected to. In other words, you could not adjust any other light in the house with that particular remote.

That is no longer the case as now remote systems are available that power up to four channels of light within the home by the use of a single remote. What is even better about these newer systems is that they are safe and relatively inexpensive as well.

The Many Uses Of RCL

The list is virtually endless for reasons to purchase remote control lighting (RCL). Imagine yourself getting into bed at night and being able to control your home’s light functions right from your bed. Perhaps you forgot to turn a light off all the way downstairs, or maybe you heard a sound outside of your home in the middle of the night so you reach over and with the touch of a button you are able to light up the inside of your house – that is a sure way to scare off an intruder.

Perhaps your little one awoke in the night to a bad dream or is not feeling well; as soon as you hear a whimper you can control the lights in their room which will provide immediate comfort until you can get there.

One of the best things about remote control lighting is how beneficial they are to the elderly or the handicapped who can not move around as much as they used to be able to.

Excellent For Apartments Too

The remote control lighting systems are not just available to home owners either. If you live in an apartment or a townhouse, you too can still enjoy the luxury of remote control lighting. These systems might seem complex and expensive but really they are not at all. Compare them to the convenience, affordability and simplicity of a remote control starter on a car. Yes, they are a luxury but could very easily come in handy quite frequently.