Tips For Installing Window Hangouts on Large Windows

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When there’s a veritably large window to cover, numerous people choose perpendicular window hangouts. They’re easy to install and easy to operate. Still, this isn’t your only option. However, it’s possible, If you want to install vertical hangouts over a large window. Still, you have to know a couple of tricks to get them ordered and installed duly.

Further Information

Still, talk to window distributor, If you need help on deciding which hangouts. You should be suitable to communicate client service to help you figure out if there’s a cargo for 2 on 1 and how it affects shipping rates. You may indeed decide that perpendicular hangouts are what you need later each. Whatever your question, a quality hangouts distributor will have the answers for you.


When copping window hangouts for a larger window, you need to know you can not order them in one piece. One redoubt is just too heavy for that to work. Thus, you’ll have to order them independently. You do have two options to make this work.

Option# 1 2 Hangouts on 1 Headrail

You have the option of ordering two sets of hangouts and putting them on the same headrail. There will be a break in the hangouts and each set of hangouts will have their own controls. The only thing participated is the headrail.

This option makes for easy installation, as you don’t have to worry about the hangouts being indeed or distance them. They come impeccably aligned and ready for you to install. ( Note Since it’s one headrail, the hangouts will still be heavy.)

Option# 2 2 Hangouts, 2 Headrails, 1 Valance

. For this option, you would buy two sets of hangouts each with their own headrail. Also you buy a valance to cover both headrails making the hangouts appear to be one.

When installing hangouts for a common valance, you need to make sure the center reinforcements are touching each other. This way the hangouts look right once the valance is installed.

This option is generally the cheaper option. Utmost places charge redundant for 2 on 1 underpinning. It can also make the shipping price a little cheaper as well.

How do they look?

After the hangouts are installed, both options look exactly the same. Thus, you can choose whichever suits your requirements. You’ll get the same effect and the same results no matter which option you choose.