Top five well known non-life insurance in Thailand

Purchasing insurance is one of the risk transfer techniques that acts as a tool to protect the insured by reducing the severity of the loss. However, there are the conditions that the insured must pay the initial premium first to receive the coverage when the loss occurs. The trend of insurance is an upward trend, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. I would list the top five popular nonlife insurance companies in Thailand as follows:

1.      Bangkok Insurance

          It is one of Thailand’s most well-known non-life insurance firms, with headquarters at Bangkok Insurance Building, 25 South Sathorn Road, Thungmahamek subdistrict, Sathorn district, Bangkok, Thailand. There are several insurance products available, including cyber insurance, voluntary motor insurance, fire insurance, and travel insurance. To view the promotion and package, you can visit

2.      Syn Mun Kong Insurance

          The headquarters are located in Bangkok, Thailand, at 313 Srinakarin Road, Huamark Subdistrict, Bang Kapi District. It is one of the most popular nonlife insurance companies among insured people since the company’s slogan is “Change The Way You Feel About Insurance.” The company’s goal is to stand out from other insurance companies and give clients new experiences. There are other services accessible, such as hospitals and garages that work with the company. You can see many insurance policies at or calling 1596 when facing emergency cases.

3.      The Viriyah Insurance

          It is one of the nonlife insurance companies whose headquarters are located at 10/7 Ratchaprarop Road, Phayathai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok in Thailand. It was operated over 72 years ago in Thailand. It is outstanding in automobile insurance.there are many insurance policies available such as public liability insurance, property insurance, and others. You can visit the website to see other insurance policies.

4.      LMG Insurance

           It was established in Thailand more than 100 years ago. The company’s asset value is high since its registered capital exceeds 2400 million baht, guaranteeing stability for this company as well. It is highly recognized in the automotive insurance product and also provides other insurance. When an emergency occurs, you can call 1790 at any time. In Thailand, there are around 15 branches in various areas.

5.      Muang Thai Insurance

          The headquarters are located in Bangkok, Thailand, at 252 Ratchadaphisek Road, Huai Khwang Subdistrict, Huai Khwang District. Automobile insurance, fire insurance, property insurance, and other sorts of insurance policies are available at Customers have a lot of alternatives on each insurance product, which is fantastic.  

           These are the top five nonlife insurance in Thailand. However, there are many other insurance companies available for you. If you are looking for car insurance in Thailand, I highly recommend you purchase with Rabbit Care since we have the staff to provide the services for you. If your car got damaged, you can contact our surveyor to receive roadside assistance services all the time. Not only that, the repair costs are also covered. Surprisingly, if you hit another car on the road and become liable, the third party liability is covered under Rabbit Care automobile insurance policy.