What are the top four car brands in Thailand?

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Top four Car Brands that are suitable for driving in Thailand

Thailand now has a variety of automobile brands, including Chinese, Japanese, and European. The features, costs, and famous brands of the driver in each brand differ depending on the usage of the automobile, family size, and other factors. I’d like to list the top four automobile brands that are excellent for foreigners to buy and drive in Thailand since it consume less petrol and are reasonably priced:

1.      Toyota

          It is the first car brand in Thailand that is well known with the highest sales volume that leads to gaining the highest market share in the automobile industry. Toyota is a Japanese automobile manufacturer with several models such as the Toyota Yaris, Toyota Veloz, Toyota Altis, Toyota Cross, and others. The sales volume of Toyota Yaris is the highest. Toyota is still popular since the options in the car are full and consume less gasoline than other car brands.

2.      Isuzu

          It is one of the car brands manufactured in Japan. Isuzu has various automobile models, but the most popular is the Isuzu D-Max. This type may be seen on Thai roads since it is quite valuable. The Isuzu D-Max had a massive sales volume of roughly one million vehicles. It is perfect for driving throughout Thailand and exploring numerous sites, particularly mountains.

3.      Honda

           It is one of Thailand’s vehicle brands that is manufactured in Japan, same as the Toyota and Isuzu. Honda Jazz is one of the most popular vehicles produced by Honda, with the highest sales volume. If you want to purchase a car, the Honda Jazz RS model is advised since it has a small size that is extremely flexible and also uses less gasoline. It includes a range of modern functions, including voice control, Apple CarPlay compatibility, and others, since the driver may be converted to energy-saving driving mode by pushing the ECON button. And the cost is not too expensive, roughly seven hundred and fifty thousand Baht.

4.      Mitsubishi

It’s one of the brands you’ll see on the roads of Thailand. Mitsubishi is also well-known for its SUVs, notably the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport GT-PLUS. I strongly advise you to buy it because if you love traveling, it is excellent for you. You can quickly switch between driving modes. There are also 360-degree cameras, which are useful while parking. The functions are fascinating, such as the Brake Auto Hold system, the automated open-close car door system, and others.

These are the top four car brands in Thailand that are very appropriate to purchase and drive in Thailand since these are full with functions, reasonable prices, cheap repair costs, and popular among Thai people. Moreover, if you purchase a car to drive in Thailand, you should not miss to purchase car insurance in Thailand as well, particularly Rabbit Care, since if your car got damaged caused by an accident, the repair cost will be paid by the insurer. Moreover, you can call the roadside assistance services provided by Rabbit Care for 24 hours. If you are interested, find more information via https://rabbitcare.com/car-insurance.