What Physical Actions to Expect From Baby (12-18 Months Old)

The beginning of a baby’s life is filled with joyful and difficult moments for baby and the family. So far, you’d be able to share the first time he smiled and you would have reassured the baby and been ecstatic when you first saw his tooth. What a year it’s been best toys for 18 month old.

There are plenty other things to be looking forward to in this phase in his journey. In this post, we’ll focus on the physical accomplishments this adorable child of joy could achieve at this point in his life.


Children dance to the beat to their own drum. This is evident when they are walking independently. If your child is already walking, I would like to say that you’ve been able to take a few of her steps on camera . If she isn’t there yet make sure you have your camera in place. You are going to be treated and because “technology” has made it possible to share information to one another, our families will be thrilled to witness the first steps she takes.

Finger Food

Don’t be shocked If he isn’t willing to eat the tiny pieces of food you’re giving him during meals. If he is unwilling to take the bowl, set it in front of him in order for him to grab the food and place it in his mouth by himself.

Open Things

The curiosity of her is increasing so don’t be surprised if you notice that she opens and shuts anything in her reach. It’s a thrilling moment for her, so providing her with toys that are easy to open and close has its benefits.

Reading Time

If you read the book with him, the child might be able to choose to turn the pages. However while turning the pages it is possible that he will desire to get rid of the book.


Because she is walking on her own, look out for her climbing higher and higher. She will be climbing into chairs, out of them and anywhere she is able to climb she will.

In addition, if there are steps in the home, though extreme attention should be given to them walking or crawling on them, particularly when a sibling of an older one is already doing it is her goal.


Be sure to keep all your important books, and documents away from his reach since around this time the child will realize that he has the ability to draw and draw. And draw he will. So, if you’ve been unable to draw yet take a trip out and purchase large crayons as well as coloring guides for him.