Wood Cutting Boards Care And Maintenance

Wood cutting boards are a incredible addition to any kitchen and can range in rate from much less than twenty dollars to numerous hundred dollars for a custom made board. Regardless of the fee which you spend to your board, there are a few quick, easy, and less expensive care and maintenance steps that may be taken to increase the life of your board and make it more secure, less difficult to apply, and better looking.

The maximum not unusual problems with timber surfaces is their absorption of water which results in warping, cracking, and splitting, and food-born bacteria being present at the board. Wood cutting board Proper care will help hold those troubles to a minimum.

Cutting Board Care

Do now not submerge the board in water. Wipe it off or clean it with soap and a rag, however do now not leave it submerged in a sink or run it via the dishwasher.
Dry the board before storing
When storing the board, location it at an perspective or on its part. You do not need to area the board face down across the complete floor, this may lead to greater moisture being trapped internal and degrading the nice of the board.
General Maintenance

Mineral oil is the maximum normally used oil to guard wood used within the kitchen. However, there are numerous oils to be able to do the task:

walnut oil
almond oil
coconut oil
olive oil
It ought to be noted that meals based oils should be used with care because the oil can go rancid.

In order to use the oil to the board, you’ll need to discover a clean, dry, tender rag or towel and put oil onto it – do not positioned the oil without delay onto the cutting board. Once it has soaked into the towel a chunk, begin wiping the oil into the board making sure to cowl the entire surface, edges, and corners – any neglected regions are a ability pathway for water absorption. Keep going over the board re-oiling the surface till it appears to not take in any extra oil. Wipe off any extra oil at the surface with a distinct towel, rag, or paper towel.

This can be performed to a wood cutting board as frequently as each few weeks; the precise time line will rely upon how frequently the board is used and washed, soaps and detergents generally tend to dry out the board.

Several products are to be had which can be made particularly for slicing forums and are to be had in many stores, both on line and retail.

With a bit little bit of care and interest, your wood reducing board can final for decades.